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December 11, 2009

I bet you thought that I am only interested in the climate discussion, but, I also have other interests. I was perusing through some film discussion and came across a thread at Rotten Tomatoes ( regarding Clint Eastwood and his career as a film director:

The discussion is on his directorial efforts since 1971 when he directed (and starred in) ” Play Misty for Me”. I remember seeing PMFM when it came out and remember being surprised at how good the film was. Prior to PMFM, Eastwood was mostly a “action” type star, and although very good in that role, he seemed kind of one-dimensional. PMFM certainly showed that he was much more talented than we all assumed. He has worked in so many different genera it’ s hard to pick one, but I always see him in the western (TG,TB,TU, High Planes, Pale Rider, TOJW) as his best vehicle. His 1992 “Unforgiven” may be the best western ever made.