This is a blog primarily about science, especially Geology, but also observations on a variety of other  subjects and current events when I feel like it.  The title ‘Diagenesis’ is a Geology term meaning alteration of rocks after their formation.  I find it an apt metaphor with regards to how life alters us over our lifetimes.

I’m a Geologist by training and profession and live in Denver, Colorado.

I have been very active in following all of the issues regarding the so called anthropogenic climate change “science” for the past 15 or so years.  As a Geologist, I am struck with the depth of hubris displayed by those that believe that we puny humans can so drastically effect the Earth.   Accordingly, many of my postings are climate “science”  related.

You may find that I will repost other sites comments and articles that I find pertinent.  Don’t blame me for being “lazy” (although original contents can be very time consuming and, after all, I work) it is just that often someone else has more eloquently addressed an issue better than myself.


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