Obama Copenhaugen Appearance Ignored By US Mainstream Press

December 20, 2009

Is it me or has Obamaism seem to be slowly settling into a malaise.  First the self serving 60 Minutes interview where he gives himself a “solid B+” for his 1st year rating. (B+ !! for what? Not being George Bush Jr,? Maybe the Nobel Peace Committee considers that enough but ?!  Health Care Insurance Reform, Afghanistan, the 2nd Depression, Wall Street – certainly his track record is not a successful one; perhaps a “C-” would be more in line, but I forget – he use to be a former law instructor so he must be using the “grade inflation” method).  Now his Copenhagen appearance is a  flop not even making national news top stories (not to say the total lack of any meaningful anything from that disaster.)  This for the President whom can seemingly do no wrong. What…his triumphant return from Copenhagen bumped for news on a record setting winter storm? The sacrilege!


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